Archer City High School


Thanks Ruth and Tommy! All was exceptional! Kids and parents had a blast. Great driver, bus, food and entertainment. Plus we won the concert competition and came in 3rd on parade and won the Outstanding section for our percussion section in concert. Wonderful weather too!

The Melodrama was the hit of the trip! Believe it or not, the kids loved it the most! The actors were great and really played up to our group, especially since we were 90% of the audience! But the dinner was great, fried chicken, veggies, red velvet cake and it was family style so the kids had to use table manners! I highly recommend this! Wasn’t fancy but a great deal of fun! 

Again, we love working with you! 

Priscilla Gibson, Director of Bands 
Archer City HS/MS

​Prince of Peace Christian School

One word to summarize the trip: EXCELLENT! You did a great job organizing the trip. We/the kids had an great time and we are looking forward to doing the same thing next year. I know it seems early…..but this will be easy to duplicate. Once again, thanks for all your hard work and organization, it was well done. I will keep in touch regarding our vacation in November of next year. I know you will take care of my family for this trip. 

Rick Knotts Science, Director and J.V. Boy's Basketball Coach 
Prince of Peace Christian School

Centennial High School

What a wonderful trip experience!! Thank you for all you did to make things go so smoothly. 


Tim Linley, Director of Bands 
Centennial High School

Heritage High School

Just wanted to say thank you for all your work. The kids, chaperones, and staff had a blast. You are by far, the best trip coordinator I have ever used!! 

Thanks again!

Jason Prasifka, Director of Bands
Heritage High School​

Roanoke Elementary School

Another BIG THANK YOU for allowing Roanoke Elementary students the opportunity to travel and perform in Austin yesterday. It was a thrill watching the students as they scanned the Capitol Building and took in the sights. Several of them talked about how they had never before been to Austin. They were in awe with the events of the day! Your efforts made this possible! 

The arrangements were impeccable and we did not encounter one little glitch. The Macaroni Grill service was excellent and I would absolutely recommend them for any group you have traveling in Austin in the future. While we probably tried to do too much by going to the Bullock Museum, the ticketing and service while we where at the museum was perfect. Compliments also go to R&R Travel! Their attention to detail was obvious! 

On behalf of a group kids who had a fantastic time and a group of parents who again saw NISD excellence, Thank You! Please know your work was appreciated by all of us! 

Mrs. Debbie Merki, Principal
Roanoke Elementary School

Liberty High School

I'm so sorry it has taken me so long to thank you for our trip! I had every intention of sending you a hand-written thank you card, but am realizing I will never get to say "thank you" if I don't do it right now! 

We had an absolutely fabulous time - all the places we visited were so much fun, and the rafting was definitely the hit of the trip. 

Thanks again Ruth for all your help, and for putting up with all my phone calls during the trip. 

Alyson Keller, Director of Bands 
Liberty High School

Knox City High School

Thank you so much for another wonderful trip. Everyone had a great time.  Once again thank you so much for all of your hard work in planning our trips.  You are awesome!

Mark Tucker, Director of Bands
Knox City High School