Student Performances

Performances Opportunities


R&R Travel offers a public, non-adjudicated performance for your group with any city itinerary, at no additional cost, and the freedom to choose: 

• The city of your choice (Destination and Itinerary Samples)
• Travel date and time
• Performance site

However, should your group be required by their local school administrations to perform competitively and/or desire a competition, R&R Travel works closely with high quality adjudicated companies, within the US and Europe.

We will book performances at prestigious student music festivals and venues such as: 

• Disney Festival 
• Disney Youth Program: Magic Music Days – Orlando, FL and Anaheim, CA
• Universal Studios Educational Program
• Orlando – Star Performance
• Hollywood - Lights, Camera, Music 
• Choice Music Events
• Festival of Music
• Music in The Parks
• Festivals at Sea